This return to play/train plan has been compiled with the information received from both the state government and Football Queensland following their strict restrictions and protocols that must always be adhered to.

A Covid Safety Officer must be nominated. Our Covid Safety Officer is David Campbell. Email address

The Club to advise all members to download the Government Covid-19 tracing app.

Players, Coaches, Parents/caregivers to be regularly briefed on the return to play/train requirements.

Stage 2 Training: From 11 June 2020

  • Permission has been granted from Football Queensland and Bundaberg Regional Council to train.
  • Training groups limited to 20 people (including coaches) waiting on further advice from Football Queensland if multiple groups of 20 can use the same oval.
  • “Get in, Train, Get out” principal to be followed
  • Players must shower at home before and after training.
  • Arrive to training ready to train.
  • Immediately leave once training has completed. Strictly no physical contact between players i.e. bumping, tackling.
  • Social distancing of 1.5m must always be adhered to, along with 1 person per 4 sqm.
  • No access to change rooms allowed.
  • Footballs, cones, goals and flexible poles can be used for training but must thoroughly cleaned.
  • A register of attendees for all sessions must be maintained and available upon request. See template appendix B.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers available at all times with all attendees required to use before/during/after training.
  • No sharing of water bottles. All players to bring their own.
  • Strictly no spitting.
  • Strictly no high fives or handshakes.
  • Players are responsible for their own strapping.
  • If unwell stay at home and seek medical advice.
  • All government hygiene advice to be always followed.
  • All parents/caregivers are advised to drop their child off and leave, or if required to stay, they must always remain in their car.
  • No mingling or play before or after training.
  • No movement between groups.
  • If working in pairs, pairs must be the same for the duration of the training sessions.
  • Separate entry and exit points.
  • Frequently touched items to be cleaned between/during sessions.
  • Coaches and club officials to be leaders with hygiene requirements.
  • No attendance at games or training if been unwell in the 2 weeks prior.
  • Toilets to be cleaned and checked regularly which also includes monitoring of hand sanitiser & paper hand towelling supplies.
  • Toilets to be locked and used for emergencies only. Coaches / manager will have key for emergency.

A training schedule has been drawn up to prevent crossover between groups and to ensure the club adheres to the return to train covid-19 strict guidelines. Please refer to appendix C.

Stage 3 Competition: From 10th July

Further information to be added and reviewed once approval and rules has been received to progress to stage 3.

Football Bundaberg is currently aiming for a competition start date of 10th July

  • Full training and matches permitted for up to groups of 100.
  • Player contact permitted for training and game days; hygiene rules apply once training/games are completed.
  • Limits on crowd and spectators.
  • Strict social distancing and hygiene protocols to be adhered to as per stat government protocols.
  • Contact details recorded for all players, officials, spectators entering the ground.
  • Own water bottles with strictly no sharing.
  • Football Bundaberg has advised no dressing sheds will be permitted to be used. Players to arrive dressed and ready to play.

Other Information

Football Queensland hygiene and social distancing posters to be displayed. Club officials, Players, Parents to abide by signage.

Appendix A


Protocols for Returning to Community Football in
a COVID-19 Environment


Appendix B

Club Training Attendance Register

Training groups must be limited in accordance with your State / Territory Government restrictions. Training groups are not to be changed from session to session. Registers must be kept for every session and made available if required.

  • Coaches/Managers will provide FQ Attendance Registers for players to sign

Appendix C

Stage 2 Training Schedule

4:15-5:45 — Under 12 Aspire Dolphins
6:15-7:30 — Senior Ladies

4:15-5:45 — Under 12 Seahorses
6:15-7:30 — Senior Men

4:15-5:45 — Under 14’s
6:15-7:45 — Senior Men

Please note that no MiniRoos will be training until Stage 3 restrictions are lifted in July. Additional information regarding training will be inserted into this document for MiniRoos once Football Bundaberg have released season information.