Bargara FC Inc. expects all Parents and Guardians to abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.  

  • Treat your child the same irrespective of them winning or losing.
  • Remember that your child participates in the sport of football for their enjoyment and not yours.
  • Try to have fun when you are around your children at competitions. Well-directed humour can be a great de-stressor.
  • Look relaxed, calm and positive on the sidelines.
  • Make friends with other parents at competitions.
  • Get involved in appropriate ways if your child or the coach behaves in unacceptable ways during competitions.
  • Let the coach do the coaching
  • Understand that children will benefit from a break sometimes and that involvement in other sports is acceptable.
  • Be there when your child performs poorly. Be an understanding listener rather than a critic, judge and/or fixer.
  • Be prepared to give your child some space so that he/she can grow and develop as an independent person.
  • Let your child know that your love for them is not associated with their sporting performances.
  • Communicate with your child and ask them how they are really feeling about their sport and about competing in particular.
  • Occasionally let your child compete without you being there and hovering over them.
  • Emphasise the good things your child did in preparing for and during the competition.
  • The inappropriate use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc) relating to the club, its members and other clubs / players will not be tolerated.
  • Ensure your child is not left unattended prior to or after either training or fixtures.
  • Ensure your child safely arrives to or departs from the club for either training or fixtures.
  • Show your appreciation of volunteer coaches, officials and administrators. Without them your child could not participate.
  • Respect referee and official’s decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  • Try to avoid:
    1. Saying “we’re competing today” and instead say “you’re competing today”; give your child credit for accepting the responsibility of performing;
    2. Getting too pushy or believing that you are indispensable, let the coach do the coaching;
    3. through your child’s performances;
    4. Turning away when your child performs;
    5. Turning away when your child’s behaviour is unsportsmanlike
    6. Telling your child what he/she did wrong after a tough competition;
    7. Making enemies with your child’s opponents or family during a competition;
    8. Making your child feel guilty by reminding them about all the time, money and sacrifices you are making for his or her sport;
    9. Thinking of your child’s sporting performances as an investment for which you expect a return;
    10. Badgering, harassing or use sarcasm to motivate your child;
    11. Comparing your child’s performances with those of other children; or
    12. Forcing your child to go to training, if they are sick of training find out why and discuss it with them.

Parents/Guardians need to understand that if they do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by the Committee. You may: 

  • Be required to apologise to other parents, the other team and the referee
  • Receive a written formal warning from the club committee
  • Be suspended from attending matches and training
  • My child’s registration may be cancelled